Fagih Foundation is run for the community to provide a responsive service that delivers on education, advice and cohesion of the community.

Welcome to Fagih Foundation

Fagih Foundation is an unregistered nonprofit voluntary organisation. We are working towards creating a modern, forward looking and responsive service to those in the Somali community in London. Most of the Somali communities in the UK find it hard to integrate because of culture, religion and lack of education. We are seeing assimilation happening among youth mainly negative one’s as our Somali youth are being affected with youth crime, hanging out with the wrong groups, leaving education at very early stages and blaming the western culture.

Fagih Foundation is working with families, trying to guide them towards integration and its benefits and how we can prevent the negative assimilation.

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The main highlight and survival of Fagih Foundation is down to the readiness of the volunteers involved. The Management Committee has given their time and effort into ensuring that the service is always on standby to serve those in need, however there is a lack of funds. With the help of a set and constant fund, the organisation will provide an even better and advanced service to those in need.

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Recent Events

Established on 25th April 2006, Fagih Foundation was formed to be the voice of the Banadir community...

Fagih Foundation aims to eliminate discrimination by offering a helping hand to all those of a Somali descent who are in the need of the services offered.

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If you have any questions about how Fagih Foundation can help you, or if you would like to volunteer then do not hesitate to call or email us.

Over time, Fagih Foundation will create an invaluable service to the community. Through expansion, we aim to serve clients on a full-scale level by means of advocacy, referrals, skill development and partnerships.

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